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IT Consulting with a focus on digital transformation in the Enterprise

Professional Summary

Christian is a senior Lead Solution Consultant in the Cloud and Datacenter automation space with many years of experience in IT Transformation and the Telecoms Industry. He is a strong supporter of Open-Source projects, mainly Kubernetes and Rancher. His current focus is to establish cloud-native computing in Enterprise IT to support agile application development and provide architectural guidance. He also concentrates on Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform and other GitOps practices.

Christian provides consulting services for short- and long-term projects, acting as a lead for cloud, hardware, software, and network conceptual design; he also delivers product training and architecture workshops related to container technologies and works as a change agent during implementation.

Besides, he leads and facilitates community outreach events on numerous occasions. In 2017 he organized the OpenStack Day for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, along with the OpenStack Foundation, for the third time. He also actively participates in Meetups on container technology, agile development, and micro-service architecture and hosts a Rancher meetup group in Cologne. He has recently started as an adjunct lecturer for IT at FOM in Cologne.

Christian has traveled extensively for most of his career and enjoys working with customers worldwide.

He currently lives in Cologne, Germany, and has two underage sons.

Christian identifies as male and uses the pronouns he/him/his.

Conferences & Events

OpenStack DACH Day (2016) - Event video
KubeCologne (2019) - Event video
OWL Tech Innovation Day (2019) - On RBAC (in German)
Cloud Native Arena (2019)
Visions for Climate (2020)
HashiTalks: DACH (2021)
FOM: Distributed Systems (2022)
Rancher Meetup Cologne (ongoing)

Interviews & Publications

On free speech (EFF, 2019)
Managing multiple clusters for container run-time environments (FOM, 2020)
Deploy Kubernetes Clusters on Microsoft Azure with Rancher (Rancher, 2020)
Governance and Security with Templating and IaC (FOM, 2020)
Usefulness of open-source tools for web analytics (FOM, 2020)
The great flexible work experiment (FOM, 2020)
Observability for Micro-Service Architectures (FOM, 2020)
Web Traffic Analysis (FOM, 2021)
Uploadfilter nach Artikel 17 (FOM, 2021)
Containerbetrieb in Rechenzentren der öffentlichen Hand (2021)
Digital Activism (FOM, 2021)
Strategies for Cookieless Online Marketing (FOM, 2021)


Christian holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - Business Information Systems from FOM (Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management) in Cologne.

Other Activities

Christian is active in the local Parents 4 Future chapter; he also serves on the board of Cloud Native DACH e.V., a non-profit association to provide public awareness and training for cloud-native technologies.